• A careful looking or watching for any object or event.

  • Someone who is instructed to keep a watchful eye for [popo] and intruders, while someone or a group engages in [illicit] activity. Whenever a lookout spots popo or intruders they are required to warn others verbally or physically. Lookouts will typically engage in ordinary behavoir, such as pretending to talk on a cell phone or smoke a cigarette to appear to be occupied and allow them to be watchful at the same time.

    There may also be another lookout from a distance watching the main lookout in the case that body gesture or hand movements are used as a warning. This method is preferred in a noisy environment where a verbal signal may not be picked up.

  • a vert certain Cult call only reconised by the leet community that is of The parramatta region.

    It can be called for a number of reason, Although the main reason of the call is to aware local fellow l33tst3rs about the appochen Bogey AKA Bogan in the area.

  • When a Bogan enters the room, you better lookout.

    Applies to Mr brown, and/or Ramsays dad, JEFF

    See MR. Brown, Jeff, Kez