• To run about; to frisk; to whisk. [Obs.]He fisks abroad, and stirreth up erroneous opinions. Latimer.

  • The term refers to Robert Fisk, a journalist who wrote some rather foolish anti-war stuff, and who in particular wrote a story in which he (1) recounted how he was beaten by some anti-American Afghan refugees, and (2) thought they were morally right for doing so. Hence many pro-war blogs -- most famously, [InstaPundit] -- often use the term Fisking figuratively to mean a thorough and forceful verbal beating of an anti-war, possibly anti-American, commentator who has richly earned this figurative beating through his words. Good Fisking tends to be (or at least aim to be) quite logical, and often quotes the other article in detail, interspersing criticisms with the original article's text.

  • 'Fisk' is developing a meaning that is broader than definition #1 but more constrained than definition #4. It's coming to designate any point-by-point (attempt at) refutation of the other guy's argument. Haven't seen it with a small f yet, but surely that will come soon.

  • V. The action of smoking marijuana.
    N. Marijuana

  • Verb meaning to

  • A somewhat rare last name of Scandinavian origin, from the word fisk, meaning fish. Often spelled Fiske.

  • Fisk- Doing any unspecific action. Fisk is the embodiment of life put into a single syllable. What means what ever you want. The word Fisk may or may not indirectly refer to acts involving narcotics such as marijuana, or the unplanned act of partying, as well as expressing extreme uncertainty or utter confusion

  • The 3rd word in a series of replacement swear words. After [FSCK] became the ridiculous swear word, this became the new one.
    It's named after Sailor Fisk, a ship captain in the game Ragnarok Online.

  • Ålesund is well known for its smell of fish and krabbeklør. During the fire in 1904 or sometime around there, 60 000 people got homeless. Keiser Wilhelm decided to kill the remaining fisher-women and men, and the city was rebuild with the famous art nouveau, built by the remaining children who suffered under Keiser Wilhelm's terror regime. Now a very beautiful town with 40 000 people living in harmony.

  • when a male sits on the back of his partner reverse Cowboy and slides his cock in and out of her ass cheeks without penetration. This works particularly well with fat chicks. The position is named after hall of fame catcher Carlton Fisk.