• Any one of numerous species of large gallinaceous birds of thegenus Phasianus, and many other genera of the family Phasianidæ,found chiefly in Asia.

    Pheasant meaning & definition 1 of Pheasant.

  • (1) A large bird with a rounded body and long tail, which spends a lot of time on the ground and is often shot for sport and food.
    (2) A [moron] or [fuckhead].
    (3) Someone who acts as if wishing to deliberatly bring him/herself pain or losses of any kind.

    Pheasant meaning & definition 2 of Pheasant.

  • A fallaciousness female with the tendency to rob someone of their change directly after sexual contact with aforementioned individual.

    Pheasant meaning & definition 3 of Pheasant.

  • The definition of a dirtbag airman. Always late, never works when he finally makes it in at 1000, and then leaves the office for an appointment at 1400. Often known to fail PT tests and loves eating Kit-Kats. Hobbies include playing [WoW] and eating food.

    Pheasant meaning & definition 4 of Pheasant.

  • 1.A Pheasant is possibly the most anoyying animal ever its does my head in!
    2.Also a generic insult for people that can't think of a comeback normally followed by another insulting word.

    Pheasant meaning & definition 5 of Pheasant.

  • a short farm bird consisting of two legs, wings and a tail. it likes to poke at random rectums and sniff them until passing out cold. This bird is sometimes refered to as Jesse or Jesse

    Pheasant meaning & definition 6 of Pheasant.

  • (n. -DWMP): A [pejorative term] of endearment for members of Dude, Wheres My Par? that describes one as a lower class in a term [correlated] to [avian] jargon as is most golf related jargon. See: -birdie -eagle -albatross

    Pheasant meaning & definition 7 of Pheasant.

  • A term used to describe players who are terrible at the game of golf. Most commonly found at cheap, under kept municipal courses. Character traits are usually (but not limited to) not being able to drive the ball [310] yards, slicing/snap hooking regularly, bragging about almost getting a [hole-in-one] and not fixing their divots, sneaking drinks on the course, using [iron head] covers, lying about their handicap and/or wearing unapproved attire(ie, Jeans, cargos, tee shirts, tank tops or jorts). synonyms hack

    Pheasant meaning & definition 8 of Pheasant.

  • A [poor person] who cant afford a higher trim level vehicle, or nice upgrades and resorts to cheap [aftermarket] accessories to try and look like they have a [nicer] vehicle than they really do.

    Pheasant meaning & definition 9 of Pheasant.

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