• A little sack or bag for carrying papers, books, or smallarticles of wearing apparel; a hand bag. [Spelled also sachel.]The whining schoolboy with his satchel. Shak.

    Satchel meaning & definition 1 of Satchel.

  • A bag for men to carry their items in.

    A man purse.

    Satchel meaning & definition 2 of Satchel.

  • *A slang term referring to the scrotum (AKA : male testicles).
    *A slang term referring to a bag of marijuana.
    *A type of case used by military personnel, often equipped onto their clothes; satchels are used for storing certain items

    Satchel meaning & definition 3 of Satchel.

  • Indiana Jones wears one.

    i.e. badass

    Satchel meaning & definition 4 of Satchel.

  • 1: Slang for the male scrotal sac
    2: A large squarish bag with a single strap, resembling a rather large purse
    3: A type of explosive employed by the milirary, typically carried in bags similar to the ones in definition 2
    4: A bag of cannabis

    Satchel meaning & definition 5 of Satchel.

  • Satchel is used to call ownership over something, used in the UK.
    This is the newer version of dibbs and bagsy, it voids both of them. You c
    Can not use Satchel to shotgun a front seat. You can use shotgun on other items but satchel over rules shotgun on all other items.

    Satchel meaning & definition 6 of Satchel.

  • a man–purse
    a skinny 10 year old ginger boy who crowd-surfs at concerts

    Satchel meaning & definition 7 of Satchel.

  • A female's ass.

    Satchel meaning & definition 8 of Satchel.

  • A large, preferably navy green bag, used to transport large quantities of beer into the unsuspecting bathrooms of bars, restaurants, theaters, etc; where they are then to be chugged. Satchel is most commonly used among sketchy individuals; the less fortunate and/or college students. Tactic to save money.

    Satchel meaning & definition 9 of Satchel.

  • A trendy shot to order when you are out with [the fellas] containing one part [Jägermeister] and one part [Fireball] Cinnamon Whisky.

    Satchel meaning & definition 10 of Satchel.

  • A bag carried on the shoulder by a long strap and closed by a flap, used especially for school books.

    Satchel meaning & definition 11 of Satchel.

  • [My best] friend and the [bestest] dude on [the planet]. He is the best boyfriend and friend and has really good jokes.

    Satchel meaning & definition 12 of Satchel.

  • a rectangular leather bag with a long strap, used especially in the past by children for carrying books to school

    Satchel meaning & definition 13 of Satchel.

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