• A layer of cells forming a kind of cuticle inside of the propercortical layer, or surrounding an individual fibrovascular bundle.

    Endodermis meaning & definition 1 of Endodermis.

  • idk what this word means exactly, it just has something to do with skin because of dermis, if I were to guess what it means I would guess it means the inside of the skin, because [endo] means inside or a wheelie on the front wheel, and dermis means skin, but idk this isn’t a [real dictionary], this is a [slang dictionary]

    Endodermis meaning & definition 2 of Endodermis.

  • An inner layer of cells in the cortex of a root and of some stems, surrounding a vascular bundle.

    Endodermis meaning & definition 3 of Endodermis.

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