• A secondary planet which revolves about another planet; as, themoon is a satellite of the earth. See Solar system, under Solar.Satellite moth (Zoöl.), a handsome European noctuid moth (Scopelosomasatellitia).

  • when dudes are hovering around or chasing after a chick, like at a bar, trying to get with her but not being successful. Usually these dudes are retarded and the chick isn't interested in them.

  • A method of classroom mischief.

    Ingredients : Pencil eraser and 4-5 staples.

    1. Take the staples and stick them in all sides of the eraser.
    2. Throw eraser at ceiling, hope it sticks.
    3. ???
    4. PROFIT~

  • noun:

    (on the satellite, to the satellite)

    1. either [high], [drunk], or a combination of both, to the point that you feel like you are on a sattelite or another planet completely.

    2. fucked up, out of your mind.

    3. the state of mind resulting from smoking an excess amount of [marijuana], in which your normal brain functioning and reaction times are drastically slower than normal.

    (satellite'n, satelliting)

    1. smoking too much [marijuana], in order to reach an extreme state of [highness].

    2. the act of getting fucked up to the point of slowed brain functioning and reaction time. These results are usually the intention of the person.

  • Men who weasel their way into the friend zone with your girlfriend, with the sole intention of passive-aggressively ending your relationship so that they can be right there for the rebound.

    Usually long-time friends of your girlfriend. They've never had the balls to ask her out and have hated every boyfriend she's ever had.

    Always beta males. Will most likely end up alone forever as they spend their whole lives chasing a girl who sees them as a little brother.

  • A device which does either:

    Orbits earth as a communications device or provides military intelligence. (Often to people who arent intelligent. Clearly the need for hundreds of them proves it).

    A celestial body which orbits another. ie: Moon spins around Earth.

    The unfortunate recipeient of the name POES which hails from NASA. NASA should try looking under P in an afrikaans dictionary. Im sure the directors wouldnt be impressed by the fact they are (see example:)

    This is primarily amusing to South Africans. However if you knew what POES is you'd find it amusing too. I'd like to be an Astronaut!!

  • When your got that kid you hang out with that you don't really like and you dont want them to smoke your weed, so you make them take the last hit of the blunt and they inhale the rest of the blunt ..ending up in their lungs

  • To be out

  • To be out of this world or awesome

  • A hot chicks less desireable freinds. They may be fat, ugly, or just mean. Satellites are much easier to pick up than the actual hottie, but you may not admit to it tomorrow.

  • The condition of being so high and/or drunk that one cannot function normally. The state of being affected by one or more psychoactive drugs.


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