• A figure in which a harts or indelicate word or expression issoftened; a way of describing an offensive thing by an inoffensiveexpression; a mild name for something disagreeable.

    Euphemism meaning & definition 1 of Euphemism.

  • the substitution of a milder, vaguer word or expression for one considered to be offensive or unpleasant.
    the word or expression so substituted.

    Euphemism meaning & definition 2 of Euphemism.

  • trying to make the mean things you say sound nicer by using different words

    Euphemism meaning & definition 3 of Euphemism.

  • A word people use because they like deceiving themselves to believe we live in a Utopia.

    Mostly they're used by organizations and considerate people who don't want to offend the situationally

    Euphemism meaning & definition 4 of Euphemism.

  • A word used in place of another to make the listener feel more comfortable, and to make the user more socially acceptable.

    Euphemism meaning & definition 5 of Euphemism.

  • A way to make a word or sentence sound nicer than how it really is, used commonly to make the other person seem more comfortable around you.

    Euphemism meaning & definition 6 of Euphemism.

  • Sometimes spelled with an f, as in eufemism.

    Trying to make the mean things you say sound nicer (example 2) or making a mild comment you make sound even worse by adding you were just using an euphemism (example 1).

    Euphemism meaning & definition 7 of Euphemism.

  • Substitution of a harsher expression like European Union with a kindlier one like EUphemism.

    Euphemism meaning & definition 8 of Euphemism.

  • a less direct word used to refer to something [unpleasant] or [embarrassing], often so as to avoid [offence].

    Euphemism meaning & definition 9 of Euphemism.

  • A mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.

    Euphemism meaning & definition 10 of Euphemism.

  • a word or phrase used to avoid saying an unpleasant or offensive word:

    Euphemism meaning & definition 11 of Euphemism.

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