• The quality or state of being individual or
    constituting an individual; separate or distinct existence; oneness;

  • Someone who doesnt conform and does what they feel comfertable! Unlike Townies, Goths, Grungers etc

    If you fit under any of them stereotypes, you obviously are not individual no matter what the rest of youre group think!

  • in reality, there is no such thing as individuality as everyone is influenced by somthing, people who claim to be an individual are generally tits

  • A word that in recent times has become analogous to the term enlightenment in eastern religion in that no one is sure what it is,no one can describe it and no one has ever been reported to have attained it. But everyone seems to know that everyone who claims to have attained it is lying.

  • Over-used term used for self-definition by loners. By claiming that your parents do not understand, that you hate popular stereotypes et cetera, one will somehow obtain Individuality. Most [Individual]s are actually just brain-dead [townie]-haters that really have no place on the social ladder, so join a group similar to them and be about as individual as a lemming.

    Real individualism is hard to come by these days, or infact, any day (monday; Tuesday etc.)

  • generally either somebody with great ambition in life or some one with different views on life then most average people arent attracted to people with actual individuality even though almost every person who actually has their own unique circumstances ends up far more successful then most others who live their life based on the current norm


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