• A slightly acrid gum resin produced by the common hemp
    (Cannabis saltiva), of the variety Indica, when cultivated in a warm
    climate; also, the tops of the plant, from which the resinous product
    is obtained. It is narcotic, and has long been used in the East for its
    intoxicating effect. See Bhang, and Ganja.

  • A light or dark substance derived from the [cannabis plant], processed by methods using alcohol and a low heat to create chunks and slabs (also created by other methods such as rubbing, not covered here) ready to ship abroad, or sell inland. its the best (cheapest and easiest) way of shipping cannabis abroad, which is why England is full of the dirtiest, most polluted dark hash substance [Soap Bar]. The not-very-potent dark stuff (readily available by the kilo in England) shouldnt be smoked due to the fact that it more than likely contains [mystery meat] such as plastic and other nasties. If you want to smoke dark hash, go to a country such as holland and buy some real stuff from a coffee shop ;). If i were you, id forget about hashish (except the good, strong stuff) and BLAZE THE [CHRONIC] INSTEAD!
    People only smoke (dark) hashish in England because it is cheap. It is much weaker than [greenery], but people do not notice this due to the fact that it barely takes a few milligrams of [THC] to get stoned!!!

  • pronounced (ha-sheesh)
    the concentrated resin of the [word]cannabis[word] plant formed into balls or bricks and smoked the same way as [word]marijuana[word].

  • The cadillac of soft narcotics

  • ARABIC IN ORIGIN a brick of compressed weed not the same thing as hash smoked out of a pipe and sometimes mixed with weed or tobacco because of its potency

  • Associate Hachich (a type of cannabis) to Morocco is like associate Movies industry to America, Pizza to Italy, Potato to 9gag lol. Morocco is said to produce the best quality of hashish, known as Zero Zero, nearly half of the worlds hashish.
    The production of Hashish or Kif is strictly illegal in Morocco. It is illegal to cultivate, produce it, sell it and smoke it.

  • Smokable softdrugs, the word is originally Dutch. In Amsterdam-accent, people tend to put ies behind a lot of words (meissies, bakkies, fietsies, and hasjies). In English, hasjies is spelled hashish.

  • A nother name for [marijuana], also the Arabic word for grass (the one on lawns).