• A place or building where athletic exercises are
    performed; a school for gymnastics.

  • A centre of fitness and strength. Where someone can go to increase their fitness level, burn calories and....

    do I really have to tell you this?

  • For more definitions/descriptions, see [gym].

  • n.

    1. An institution where people pay for the privilege of torturing themselves through bodily exertion in the name of physical fitness. Torture implements in most gymnasiums include freeweights, excercise bicycles, circuit training machines, rowers, etc. Attendees seem to enjoy the fact that not since the Spanish Inquisition has there been such a wide selection of torture implements available, as the success of a gymnasium is correlated partly to the amount of equipment it has to offer.
    2. A moneymaking enterprise that offers a cheap, long-term membership deal right around [New Years] to entice [January Joiner]s bent on fulfilling their [New Years resolutions]. The amount of revenue these fickle individuals generate for the fitness industry is unfathomable.


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