Free will

  • The power asserted of moral beings of willing or choosing
    without the restraints of physical or absolute necessity.

  • the idea that you could have acted in a different way
    the idea that alternative actions are possible for you
    the idea that you did not have to do what you did
    the idea that you have a [choice] about what you do
    the idea that you are [responsible] for your actions

  • Free Will is a free and independent choice by a voluntary decision and the power of making free choices that are unconstrained.

  • A manifestation of choices that an individual exercises or declines based solely on ones own perception of consciousness. It is individuality in motion with limitless destinations.

  • A delusion created by Christianity and intuition that makes people believe they have the right to not only choose in specific situations, but also in how their basic life will play out. It is a total lie though, as people do not actually have this ability.


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