• A sword with a broad blade and a cutting edge; a claymore.I heard the broadsword's deadly clang. Sir W. Scott.

    Broadsword meaning & definition 1 of Broadsword.

  • a man's [penis], either large or used with authority, as if it were a medieval broadsword.

    Broadsword meaning & definition 2 of Broadsword.

  • A large, durable, indestructible weapon, used to destroy the weaker katana blade.

    Broadsword meaning & definition 3 of Broadsword.

  • /brôdˌsôrd/


    1. a sword with a wide blade, used for cutting rather than thrusting.

    2. a thick cock of substantial girth, one whose cross-sectional shape is elliptical, and not circular, thereby providing more surface area for vaginal contact with less required volume of blood.

    3. One who calls Danny Boy.

    Broadsword meaning & definition 4 of Broadsword.

  • a two-handed hand job

    Broadsword meaning & definition 5 of Broadsword.

  • 1: (noun) When a man holds his penis at the base with one hand, similar to wielding a sword.

    Broadsword meaning & definition 6 of Broadsword.

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