• The state of being happy; blessedness; blissfulness;
    enjoyment of good.

  • A beautiful down to earth girl with stunningly gorgous eyes and an amazing personality. many people love her although she may not realise it.

  • Joyous

  • Felicity is a stunning , considerate, but fun-loving, super awesome girl whos character shows, but full of personality. In a word; glowing, shes super fun to be around on nearly any plain and context, also.. a word to describe the best days of the year.

  • An amazing, sexy, smart young lady that is always good to be around. She has a heart of gold. Felicity also has a nice ass and amazing tits that are amazing to sleep on. The worlds best kisse4 and cuddler. When you find her you never want to let her go.

  • The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She can get very annoying but you will learn to get used to it. She is the strangest person on earth and she will capture your attention in the blink of an eye. She is loved by a lot of people and she cares about everyone. She will be your shoulder to cry on, your sunshine in the darkest of days, your umbrella in the pouring rain she is going to be there for you when you need it. You cry she cries. You die she dies. She will go through any pain just to see you happy. Although she is broken herself she knows how to forget it and act like everything is ok. She is such a child and loves kids. She is very dumb when it comes to common sense. Very beautiful and shines brighter than anyone else. If you are speaking to her make sure she isnt daydreaming (she daydreams every second of the day). She will literally be staring at you deep in the freaking eyeball and will not hear a thing you said. She can be a pain in the ass! Literally she will give you a freaking headache. But you gotta love her! She is the greatest friend of all time and you never wanna break her trust. If you ever have a Felicity, i am warning you, dont ever lose or break her heart she will forgive but she will never forget.

  • A pretty great person, super nice

  • A two faced girl who cant be trusted. She may be named the slut of the school. Felicity can make people including your friends to turn on you. A felicity is someone who probably dated the whole guys in the grade. She thinks shes pretty and popular and better than everyone.

  • Slang term for someone with big tits.

  • monkey girl, who likes BOOTY sounds like witch when she laughs, farts a lot, likes to eat, she loves to eat pickles.


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