• An annual variety of Brassica oleracea, or cabbage of which thecluster of young flower stalks and buds is eaten as a vegetable.

    Cauliflower meaning & definition 1 of Cauliflower.

  • Verb: To drive as fast as you can and masturbate at the same time, keeping your hand with the speed and power of the vehicle.

    Cauliflower meaning & definition 2 of Cauliflower.

  • A woman that has extra large, well endowed inner labia.

    Cauliflower meaning & definition 3 of Cauliflower.

  • A word at Pizza Factory used to ask a co-worker whether they would sleep with the girl customer that just walked into the restaraunt.
    The responding worker than replies either yes, no, or while drunk.

    Cauliflower meaning & definition 4 of Cauliflower.

  • Someone who butts into other people's business/stories.

    Cauliflower meaning & definition 5 of Cauliflower.

  • Small, white nuggets which form within the tonsils and, when noticed in one's mouth should be removed. Avoid squeezing them or chewing on them, as they smell quite fecal when they burst.

    Cauliflower meaning & definition 6 of Cauliflower.

  • Web application for the automatic analysis of customer feedback. A software product by Cauliflower

    Cauliflower meaning & definition 7 of Cauliflower.

  • A cabbage of a variety which bears a large immature flower head of small creamy-white flower buds.

    Cauliflower meaning & definition 8 of Cauliflower.

  • Cauliflower is [used] to [describe] [hemorrhoids]

    Cauliflower meaning & definition 9 of Cauliflower.

  • a large, round, white vegetable that is eaten cooked or uncooked

    Cauliflower meaning & definition 10 of Cauliflower.

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