• A state of profound insensibility from which it is difficult orimpossible to rouse a person. See Carus.

    Coma meaning & definition 1 of Coma.

  • Extended nap.

    Coma meaning & definition 2 of Coma.

  • A coma is a state of prolonged unconsciousness, which can be caused by one of many, many things. Many people believe that even if a person is in a coma, s/he can still hear you if you speak to him/her.

    Coma meaning & definition 3 of Coma.

  • The period after one starts a new relationship, during which one loses contact with one's friends because one is devoting all one's time to one's significant other. Usually preceded by boyfriend or girlfriend for clarity.

    Coma meaning & definition 4 of Coma.

  • 1.epic dubstep female vocalist

    1. Something that has been taken to the next level as a result of insane trippy vocals

    2. To be epic without the assistance of auto-tune.

    Coma meaning & definition 5 of Coma.

  • the next level beyond chill

    Coma meaning & definition 6 of Coma.

    1. Frickin [cool to the max], or sweet. You can add sufixes to the end such as -able, -ing, [-licious], and all that good stuff.

    2. A state of deep, often prolonged [unconsciousness], usually the result of injury, disease, or poison.

    Coma meaning & definition 7 of Coma.

  • sleeping away your life. must sleep at least 18 [hrs] a day and must have the [dead bolt] locked in the middle of the day in a securely locked and [guarded] trustworthy university dorm building. also must wear granny nightgowns with slippers and look like a bulldog-slug hybrid.

    Coma meaning & definition 8 of Coma.

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