• That portion of the real estate of a man which his widow enjoysduring her life, or to which a woman is entitled after the death ofher husband. Blackstone.

    Dower meaning & definition 1 of Dower.

  • Dower is a term or phrase used to depict a certain individual of immense intelligence and downright judicious. The vast majority of Dowers would normally hold a degree at PhD level while however, it has been renowned that all Dowers possess at least a masters degree. Dowers tend to be of conscientious nature and are predominantly independent. Whenever Dowers find themselves in complex situations, their motivation is inspiring and luminous, when in quest of justice. A Dower’s articulated skills are so coherent to the highest point that it surpasses the average individual’s capacity level of logical thinking. Most people are envious of a Dower while at the same time are infatuated with a Dower’s clarity. The definition of Dower is exemplified below in direct speech.

    Dower meaning & definition 2 of Dower.

  • The act of taking a dip or chew while in the shower.

    Normally people just spit their tobacco spit into the drain.

    Dower meaning & definition 3 of Dower.

  • A variation of [Downer].
    A person that does things the hardest way possible. Dowers tend not to be able to speak properly, using sentences such as You cant even speech well. Dowers will not let lame jokes die, no matter how much they wish it to die. Dowers generally support each other no matter how stupid they think the other Dower to be. [Dowerness] IS contagious. [Do take care]

    Dower meaning & definition 4 of Dower.

  • When you [douche] and then [shower] before partaking in [anal sex].

    Dower meaning & definition 5 of Dower.

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