• The East Indian name for the large spiral shell of severalspecies of sea conch much used in making bangles, esp. Turbinellapyrum. Called also chank chell.

    Chank meaning & definition 1 of Chank.

  • slang for chink(asian person)first became popular on the Chappelle's show.

    Chank meaning & definition 2 of Chank.

  • A dance move. Wind with your arms and hit it to the side, kick your leg up.

    Chank meaning & definition 3 of Chank.

  • The act of shanking someone while at the same time chundering all over them

    Chank meaning & definition 4 of Chank.

  • Invented in Mr. [Kanes] [Geometry class] around the beginning of 2005 by Michael Phan (asian), and Cameron Mike (black). When the two were arguing, Michael mocked Cameron and called him a chank, because when Cameron says chink with his Koramo like voice, it sounds like chank. Just one year later the word was widely used throughout Fremont CA, and is still spreading. The #1 victim of this word is Michael and Camerons friend, [Luc] Mai. This word is mostly used to make fun of asians, but now anyone can be called a chank.

    Chank meaning & definition 5 of Chank.

  • someone [who is] both [chunky] and [skanky]

    Chank meaning & definition 6 of Chank.

  • To [smoke] marjiuana with the [intent] [to get high].

    Chank meaning & definition 7 of Chank.

  • Chank. Slang form of the word Chink.
    Typically associated with Asian Goons (see Goon) from the Third coast aka The South in urban areas such as [Saint Petersburg], Tampa, Orlando, Miami FL. As well as other regions including Houston, Dallas, [El Paso] TX. Also [Atlanta GA]. Asians in those regions have adopted the Southern Culture which consists of a gutter lifestyle due to their Goon-like environment. Most of which speak with a southern accent from which they have influenced by local Goons including hatians, white boys, and hood niggas.

    Chank meaning & definition 8 of Chank.

  • Verb: To be unusually [whiny] and [screw up] awesome ideas by being [way too] serious and self-consious

    Chank meaning & definition 9 of Chank.

  • A fictional stalker on a social [networking] site. This person never [reveals] their their identity to their victim. Chank is usually created by close friends who know more than the average person would know about the victim, [therefor] leaving the victim very confused and paranoid.

    Chank meaning & definition 10 of Chank.

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