• One who bounces; a large, heavy person who makes much
    noise in moving.

  • The big fat guy standing in front of the doorway of stripclubs and keeps everyone out if they are not on the list. This list is basically what the bouncer assumes who you are, if your a hobo, hes not letting you in. He doesnt want any trouble, but if you hit him, he has every right to pummel you to mush.

    They also guard doorways to celebrity parties. In those rich guy parties, bouncers are controlled by a wienie-boy butler who talks in a squeaky voice, but commands all the power as long as the big guys are getting paid. These types of rich guy bouncers are less round and more built, and can easily throw you out of a bulletproof window, but cant overturn cars.

  • A bouncer is the first face you see when entering a bar, pub, or night club, and how they treat you often sets the mood for the night. they make sure everyone who enters the establishment is of legal drinking age, not overly intoxicated, dressed according the the bars dresscode, not carying any weapons or drugs. They tend to be large and muscular. their job is to make sure that the bar is safe for the customers and bar staff alike. the bouncers duties inside the bar are to eject overly drunk people and trouble makers, and to prevent and break up fights, make sure people pay for their drinks. If you treat a bouncer with respect, most will act in kind. If you act like an asshole, chances are you will wake up in an ally in a pool of your own blood with serious head trauma.

  • The big guy outside of Pubs and Nightclubs. Some of these men are usually pretty nice people, unforturnately most of them are not.

    Most Bouncers or Doormen are actually lacking in brain cells, and only got through life by being big and hard (able to beat someone up without much harm to themselves). Sometimes the Bouncer or Doorman will willingly abuse their position and actually throw someone out who is neither too drunk, nor causing any trouble, simply for the sake of it. I assume its because they just need to look theyre actually doing something, and not just standing around talking.

    If the person resists, they will force them out. They generally dislike people who actually have some pride and attack them with words and intelligence rather than fists.

    They generally live by their own rules, and ignore the law. If a bouncer beats up a person he has thrown out because he has been resisting, even if the person had a right to resist, the Bouncer will not be charged with assault, and the person he beat up will spend the night in jail.

  • a strong man hired to eject people from a bar or other similar place(Supposedly, a person bounces when thrown out.)

  • Typically a knuckle dragging, low foreheaded baboon that has bad manners and is rude to patrons trying to get enter an establishment that serves alcohol. Impossible to talk to or reason with, think they are above everyone else and can ruin a good night out when you havent done anything to justify either being not let in to a pub/bar/nightclub or ejected from one.

  • Doorman - A man/woman who stops trouble at Bars, Clubs and sometimes KFC.

  • The Act Of Performing A U-Turn.

  • In Cricket, a short pitched ball which is aimed at the batsmans head