• One of the sloping sides of the lower part of a blast
    furnace; also, one of the hollow iron or brick sides of the bed of a
    puddling or boiling furnace.

  • BOSH is an Xbox Live clan. It was created in 2008, during the apex of Call of Duty 4. Though it is mainly a Call of duty clan, BOSH has been known to dabble in other games such as Halo, Rainbow 6, and Ghost Recon. Unlike many clans, the letters B-O-S-H are not an acronym for any name or slogan.

    BOSH has very few members, and this is by design. They have just a few simple rules that must be followed:

    1. Always play fair. This means:
    • No cheating/glitching
    • No corner sitting
    • No ridiculous useage of weaponry (i.e. launching rifle
      grenades into the air at every opportunity in the off chance it MIGHT kill someone)
    1. Always play for the good of your teammates:
    • Communicate
    • Let your teammates know where you are
    • Let them know where the enemies are/where you were just killed from
    • Watch their backs
    • This sometimes means getting very few kills, if only
      because you are protecting their backsides exclusively
    1. Have fun
    • Its not all serious. Losses are fine, as long as you try
      your best. Everyone has off nights, BOSH is no exception
    • Jokes about promiscuous females, as well as other
      members mothers are acceptable and in fact encouraged

    The members of BOSH are as follows:

    BOSHQ Bal 14

    If you ever see these names together all at once, you can count on having a fun, fair game. Also, plan on having your ass handed to you.

  • The bosh is a smoking utensil similar to a [gravity bong]. Unlike the gravity bong which involves cutting off the bottom of a bottle, the bottom is made by making a series of holes. This causes for more suction resulting in a bigger hit.

  • Black and Posh

  • An exclamation of surprise used by college aged white girls. Usually in situations involving alcohol.

  • To take large amounts of some sort of drug, legal or illegal, usually in pill or powder form.

  • The action of doing something to extreme personal satisfaction; whether by doing it quickly and concisely, or particularly well/admirably.

    Can be used either as a verb (see example 1), or as an exclamation when recognising the said traits (example 2).

  • A term used in parts of Eastern England to describe the act of masturbation.

  • A Bosh is a home made modified gravity bong. Used more widely in southern states of the US, the Bosh is created from a bottle with holes in the bottom. Then a cap, with a bowl attached(using a socket from a tool set). You light the bowl and pull up, forcing smoke down and water out, then you hit it. This is a very good way for getting messed up.

  • a verb implying one was joking or joshing about the previous statement, usually said when you were messing with someones mind.

  • Term used to verbally stress frustration, and to avoid using Buddhas name in vain.

    [Omb] (Oh my Buddha) has replaced omg (Oh my God). Now to continue the pattern, bosh replaces gosh.

    1. to ingest something; generally of a narcotic nature
    2. hard dance music
    3. to dance in a very energetic fashion, generally under the effects of stimulants


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