• A species of silk or cotton handkerchief, having a
    uniformly dyed ground, usually of red or blue, with white or yellow
    figures of a circular, lozenge, or other simple form.

  • A rag that can be worn in different styles on your head,mouth area and neck.Popular with street gangs,most of them wear a bandana with the tie to the front,or around there mouths.Bandanas are restricted in schools because it is a sign for gangs,and can be used as a weapon(strangle holding,and whipping).

  • a bandana is a square piece of cloth(sometimes called a bandeezie by hardcore bandana wearers), usually with designs on it, that comes in a wide range of colours(usually black or navy blue). It was first worn by the cowboys to keep the dust out of thier faces, now [emos], [gangsters], and pretty much everyone else wears them. they were worn as head bands before, now they are worn almost like a hat, around the bottom half of the face, on the forhead, wrist, or pretty much anywhere else it will fit. teachers and parents think its a sign of a gang.

  • Different colors can have different gang associations. If a girl is wearing a bandana on her wrists, it can mean her BF, lover, or homie is in prison.

  • A head accessory. Mark of the [hipster] and [cool cat]. Most commonly worn as a thin strip with the knot on top of the head or with the knot behind the hair.

  • one of the items u usually cant bring to school because it can start gangs. a bandana goes on your head for either fashion or hair purposes.

  • A type of hat or article of clothing that you wear on your head or around your neck.

  • What someone says when they fart and burp at that same time. Although very rare, it is a useful word to let someone know that those two body functions happened.

  • a nigga hat


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