• Otherwise; otherwise called; -- a term used in legal
    proceedings to connect the different names of any one who has gone by
    two or more, and whose true name is for any cause doubtful; as, Smith,
    alias Simpson.

  • Another name that people use to disguise themselves. This can be done anywhere, but is usually online because it is hard to identify someones true name except through their IP address, which isnt foolproof.

    Variations on the word are aliasing, the present tense verb form, and aliaser, referring to the actual person hiding behind their false name, whose identity will never change (in online situations).

    Aliasing is frowned upon because people may think that youre a new person, or in small-community games where everybody knows everybody, possibly even cheating. People like to get to know a regular clients personality, and develop a friendship or rivalry with them. Aliasing disrupts this, since you never know if youre talking with friend or foe.

  • -noun
    -word origin: Kennedy High School in Silver Spring, Maryland circa 2001-2002

    1. A person whose existence very few others know or care about

    2. Someone who is not recognized socially to the extent that others do not even know that the person in question even exists

  • The best show ever. it kicks all other shows arse. it rocks!!!

  • A common ebonic term for random, somewhat awkward.

  • To use another name as a disguise, Dare Vital is actually Solar, who is xAlstr

  • Incredibly contrived and far-fetched (but still great to watch) TV show starring Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, Michael Vartan, and Mia Maestro.

  • Alias is an adjective to describe a very stealthy situation or someone wearing all black a la the television series.

  • A name, usually a cool one, used to get women into your pants. Traditionally chosen by your friends. Usually its best used to give a chick a name that isnt your own so that she doesnt cyber stalk you.

    In some cases, this name can get you into serious trouble. Keep it anyway.

  • Something/someone who is weird or wack.

  • A cool show that isnt shown much in the UK. Thats why TV DVDs are so great.


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