• A high, steep rock; a precipice. Cliff swallow (Zoöl.), a NorthAmerican swallow (Petrochelidon lunifrons), which builds its nestagainst cliffs; the eaves swallow.

  • To 'Cliff' someone.

    Say that you are up for plans then dropping out at the last minute. Or alternatively not giving a definite answer on plans in order to provoke begging.

    Origin: 'Cliff Hanger'

  • A name for a guy who is [solid] yet can go just to the [edge]. Solid [ideals] and [morals] but likes to push himself and others just to [the

  • Primarily in Africa - the name Cliff is usually given to (male) babies who are likely to become extremely beautiful.

    A so-called Cliff-Baby typically has a huge genital and a strong physique.

  • Pronunciation: \ˈklif
    A German/English man. Calm, caring, gentile but strong. rather ingenious and wise. Bold and brave but soft in his ability to change, reform and adjust. excepting and understanding.

    *like a mountains he is big and tall - like a river who flows many ways he is free from confirmation bias - Like a grandfather spirit he is mindful and open, conscious

  • A dependable friend (much like the dog Clifford, from the children's book Clifford

  • Something you throw someone off of.

  • A place where the ground abruptly drops many feet. Also called a precipice. Imagine it like this: --*-_ You are the asterik, and the drop from - to _ is at least your height, if not many times that.

  • Verb.
    To end abruptly in the middle of something, like an instant message or conversation. Very annoying, especially if it happens often.
    -ing , -s, -ed

  • that section of muscle and/or fat that sorta hangs off the side of your knee, just off your inner thighs. usually only girls have it, but not all of them.

    a female can have a cliff yet still have [inner leg clevage] {sic}, and/or have a cliff yet still have a [leg gap].

    a cliff is NOT [Vagina Leg Syndrome (VLS)]. a cliff is on the side of one's legs, not on the back of the legs.