One and done

  • To sleep with someone once and thats it. Usually done to someone youre just not that into or has 2 brat kids you cant afford or dont want to take care of. A one night stand, same as hit it and quit it and fuck and chuck. Named after the NBA rule.

  • When a group of co-workers go to the local bar for 1 drink after a long work day. One and dones usually involve trash talking and extremely inappropriate conversations that make other people at the bar feel uncomfortable. It is very common that the participants of one and done will have more than just one drink. However, the term was created to make people feel better about their life choices

  • When one trys to do something [once] and that is [all] that is needed, or when one simply performs a task [once] and it is [complete].
    This can be used even when playing sport and you only win by one [score]. Aswell as when you go to a fast food restrant that often makes mistakes with your order, but thay get it [right] first time. It is a [statement] or decliration stateing that you only had to try something [once] and then the [task] was [completed] requireing no more effort.

  • A term used in sports to describe a teams performance in the playoffs when they win their first round game but lose in the second round.

  • The term given to the head coaching position at Arkansas State University (also referred to as the University of North Stadium Boulevard, being as their fan base doesnt even dominate their own city.... The team 5 hours away carries the fans there). This term is used due to them hiring a new coach every year because the former coach cant get work for free.

  • To take (another persons property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it. So basically you are taking the one item or items and its done, son!

    Steal, thieve, take.

  • Having only one child and not wanting anymore.

  • When you have diharrea and it take one push to get it all out.

  • To become extremely intoxicated after only one alcoholic beverage.


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