Metal head

  • A very small ammount of people fit into this category. Your average highschool would have four or less of them at most, seeing as most people who listen to metal actually listen to Alt. Rock/Nu metal. Metalheads are usually spotted by their looks. Usually denim jeans (Blue or black), band shirts, long hair/shaved hair, etc. The metalheads truely are the stupidest group of people to pick a fight with, we may be the quiet type, but metalheads could easilly wipe out multiple kids, and have a short temper that goes along with that. The metal culture however has dropped quite a bit, seeing as how the hip thing is to listen to rap or numetal.

  • People who like Metal. Thats it. All the lifestyle nonsense is just that, nonsense.

  • Kay, Im sick of looking at the difinitions of how a metal head lives, thats like trying to describe how to make a cake. A metal head is someone who listens to metal. Thats all there is to it. You need not to dress a certain way to be a metal head, this isnt MTV, you feckin clowns. You dont need to wear hoodies or ripped jeans and have long hair to be a metal head, you could shop at JC Penny and still listen to metal. By stating a lifestyle of a metal head, just makes it a potential fad. Metal Head, like any other subculture is just a title.