• An adult male who still posesses psychological traits of a child. Traits include, but are not necessarily limited to:

    • whining
    • pettyness
    • trying to pass the blame for their own underdeveloped judgement
    • not stepping up to the plate when its their role to.
    • secretly still finds 3rd grade bathroom humor amusing.
    • is able to connect with his children, but only as another child, not as a father.
    • not to mention an overall insecurity in who he is as a man, from which similar traits sprout.

    The manchild, if married, is often found married to Type A women (usually firstborn or only child in their own family) who reluctantly yet aptly take up the slack for the aforementioned manchild.

    This manchild will often attempt to augment their lack and/or compete with peers with material posessions such as:

    • Harley Davidson Softtail with do-rag
    • Hummer H2 or similar oversized fossil-fuel guzzling behemoth
    • 6 seat felt poker table with matching humidor
    • The very latest electronic gadgets (digital camera, GPS handheld, etc.) to impress peers with.

  • A male who is of age but still has the emotional/mental capacity of a child.

    Completely incapable of making decisions regarding women, manning up when appropriate or discussing anything maturely, manchildren are becoming increasingly more frequent.

    Manchildren will have notable traits such as thinking that they are somewhat different to other men because they have no emotional baggage, will find most immature humour widely entertaining and will have not been in a serious relationship, EVER. Longest relationship will be between 1-3 months.

    When discussing important things, a man child will look at the floor and remain silent, pretend nothing is wrong at the time and then once out of sight drop into radio silence or will give you the rabbit caught in the headlights look.

    However, man children are tempting challenge for women and more often than not an older women will take a man child under her wing as he will be impressed with her at ease and coolness and she will be taken back at his emotional naivety.

    A man child is very easy to train in the ways of the bedroom.

  • A man who has a mommy complex like no other. He is extremely needy and will want a woman to take care of his needs eg. satisfy his insatiable thirst for chocolate milk, tucking him into bed at night, packing a lunch for him etc...


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