• A mountain or hill, usually more or less conical in form, fromwhich lava, cinders, steam, sulphur gases, and the like, are ejected;-- often popularly called a burning mountain.

  • The greatest and best vaporizer in the world. Milks the vapor for you into a plastic bag, which is then inhaled through a mouth piece attatchment. The purest way to get high off of marijuana, other than eating it. Also used by some chefs to flavor food.

    1. A really good vaporizer that uses bags which fill up with vapor pretty fast. It's expensive as hell, around .

    2. When a smoker coughs or laughs into a pipe or bong, making shit fly out of the bowl like lava out of a volcano.

    3. An opening on a planet where lava comes out.

  • a girl queefs while on her period, causing a bloody eruption

  • A gift from god. The volcano vaporizer is probly the greatest device i have used to smoke. It shoots hot air upwards towards the bud and causes the THC to vaporize into a plastic bag in seconds. Or you can use a 9 ft bag like we did one time. Just place lips on mouthpiece of the bag and inhale. It is also one of the safest ways to get high. Even after just one normal bag will get you blazed. The cool thing too is that it doesnt burn the weed. It just removes the THC which in turn turns the bud brown. Its nasty to smoke the leftovers and doesnt really get you high. But you can turn that into hash.

  • Verb. While taking a hit of weed through a pipe or bowl, the stoner coughs. The term Volcano refers to the flaming herb and burning ash that is erupted out of the bowl, often burning holes in carpet or even pot head's hair!

  • A sexual act in which the male places a spoonful of baking soda in the tip of his condom, and fucks as hard as he can, causing the condom to break open. The baking soda then mixes with the vaginal vinegar, causing an overflow of foamy magma to spill forth through her pearly gates.

  • When taking a bong hit, coughing back into the chamber, causing the bong water to shoot out, making a complete mess.

    1. What you call it when you get so stoned you cant even see

    2. What you call it when you get so stoned you cant even believe

    3. What you call it when you get so stoned you can hold your tongue

  • -3/4 glass of sprite or 7up
    -1 to 1.5 shots of vodka
    -1/4 to 1/2 scoop of 'fruit punch' poweraid powder (amount dependent on cup size)

    1. Pour sprite/vodka mixture into a glass or pitcher (if making multiple volcanos) 2) place powder into drinking glass 3) rapidly pour sprite/vodka mixture into drinking glass with powder

    Once the sprite/vodka mixes with the powder the drink turns red and starts to fizz out of the glass, something of an eruption takes place. Yell VOLCCCCAAAANNNOOOOO!!! when the eruption begins. VERY messy drink to make.

  • an act in which, when a fart is coming on, the asshole is elevated into the air either by situating one's self on all fours with shoulders to the floor or by lying on one's shoulders with knees to the ears, causing the asshole to open and remain so. once this state has been achieved, air can be repeatedly sucked in and blasted out, causing a signature sound that is difficult to replicate by other means.

  • An opening in the earths crust in which molten rock, ash, and gases are released.

  • Refers to an extremely large pimple, likely infected, that is normally located but not limited to: the forehead or back region of the body.


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