• someone who believes the radical notion that women are people.

  • A person who supports equality between the sexes. Feminists can be (and are) women, men, and transpeople. Feminists are black, white, and everything in between. Feminists are straight, gay, and bisexual. Feminists understand that inequality effects everyone.

    Feminists ARE NOT Nazis, or women who cant get laid. The very existence of these views is proof that feminism still has a lot of work to do.

    Some feminists shave, and some dont. Some are fashionable, some arent. Just like any other group of people.

    Not all feminists are lesbians, though lesbians can be feminists. The ongoing Civil Rights movement and the push for gay marriage are often associated with feminism as each cause expresses a very sane desire to create world recognition of our intrinsic equality.

  • A straight male who doesnt express enthusasium towards chauvinistic remarks

  • A feminist is a person, most likely a female herself, who fights for equality as women are seen as the weaker sex. A feminist is not a man-hater, which is what some people insist they are, though they are very pro-girl. Feminism has been alive right through history, as females fought for their right to vote, work and receive equal pay. The world today would be very different if feminists never took action to change laws and empower themselves.

  • Anyone who can read between the lines of misogyny. And then, with grace and intelligence, acts appropriately to fight against it.

  • They say they want equality for both men and women but really they want is supremacy over men. They also pass laws like Vawa . Violence Against Women Act discriminates against men by taking a womans side during a dispute and label men as the victimizers and the women as the victims.They have set up shop in domestic violence shelters where they promote divorce, marriage breakup, hatred of men, and false accusations. They also have funding for women.Yup over one billion tax dollars are going to these hypocrites. Anyways I can go on and on with theyre hypocrisy but i stop it at that.

  • An ugly and/or emotionally inept woman who feels that the problems in her life are caused by her gender rather than her own incompetence and sloth.

    Rather than bettering a womans situation in the world, theyd much rather try to drag men down to their level of filth/incompetence.

  • Synonym for [fat]. Can be used interchangably.

    1. A woman who turns a relationship with a bad father or husband into a political agenda, seeking not equality, but revenge.

    2. A woman who decries the supposed misogyny of men by bashing everything masculine in sight.

    3. An obsequious man, who parrots whatever he thinks will earn the approval and attention of women.

    4. All of the above.

  • a politically correct term for bitch. the only reason I say this is because feminists dont want to be equals with men they want to rule over them and want men to be their slaves

  • A real bitch .Wanting to steal power from men, wanting to subject men and degrade men. A suppressor of men with freedom . An enemy of traditional men. A destroyer of male ambition, a perverter of truth and a manipulating lier . Send them to antartica and the world will breathe a sigh of relief.

  • See [Bat Shit Insane].
    Feminists believe in equal rights between men and women, but if they had their way all men would be living in summers eating whatever shit flows our way while all women live in the lap of luxury. They also take chivalry as a personally insult, believe all domestic violence cases involve a man hurting a woman and want every think to be politically correct/in no way manly/pro-feminism.(cured beef instead of beef jerky, lunberperson instead of lumberjack, goddesses instead of women

  • A total bitch that that thinks she deserves all the perks of a man but without the responsibilities. A fat dyke bitch on her period that doesnt want to admit that its harder in a mans world.


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