Turn and burn

  • This is military fighter pilots jargon. When the last missile is fired or when the ordinance has been dropped on target, it is then time to quickly get out of the area-of-operations. The pilot turns his plane towards base and shifts into after-burner. This has since been adopted by the civilian community to mean when a decision has been made, especially if it was a poor decision, you forget about it and press on with the next phase of the mission.

  • getting to a destination and immediately turning around and going back home, commonly done by truckers.

  • In the world of resale, the practice of reselling an item very quick for little to no profit (or sometimes at a loss), usually in as-is condition or with no work put into the item. Can also describe what someone does when they sell you a suspect item on the street, Craigslist, etc... (like a stolen phone or fake drugs) and then try to get the hell out of there before you figure it out.

  • To clarify the U.S. Navy term mentioned in another definition, it specifically referred to the ships shafts/screws turning and the boilers burning and the phrase is in fact used (even though there arent many steam-powered ships left) to indicate working hard, and steady momentum.

  • To start working and work hard. a U.S. Navy expression.

    See [turn to]

  • A spin move in basketball.
    You catch the ball in the key, discontinue your dribble, spin (to the right only) with your feet twisted and body weight slightly off-balance, and shoot a flat-arcing shot.

    Often followed up with a Lyeton Hewitt Comeon! hand signal.

    Made famous by Birdie.

  • When a hot girl youve been eyeing from behind turns around and reveals herself to be a [Nazi face].

  • when youre doin a girl doggy style and then you pull out and shoot her in the eye, getting the response, ahhh it burns