• An actor/actress. Usually used in theaters and high schools.

  • n. actor

  • A actor or actress who tend to act in plays/musicals on the live stage. Most thespians become a thespian thru a national organization called THE NATIONAL THESPAIANS TROOP, while they are in high school/college productions. Anyone, including crew and pit can become thespians. They just need the madatory 10 credits from shows they have done/been in. Once they have the 10 credits they can be inducted into the National Troop.

  • The noun causing [idiots] to think of two girls sloppily eating each others mighty [vagina]s, when they hear mention of someone being an actor.

  • A member of a society for [actors] and [actress]es.
    Really amazing people.
    Mostly a [gay] [stereo-type].

    Sexy beasts.

  • One who performs in the theatrical department of their local high school/ college who partakes in activities such as wearing corsets for no reason, dating unattractive men from their fathers generation, being borderline bisexual, and a character in renaissance fairs, and wearing renaissance fair type clothing on a day to day basis. Pail white, and unattractively overweight, we all know a thespian.

  • a conceited selfish spoilt person who pretends to enjoy plays and the theatre to impress other people. Endlessly goes on and on about how fantastic they are because they attend such events.

  • Of or pertaining to Thespis; hence, relating to the
    drama; dramatic; as, the Thespian art.


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