• Someone who purchases large quantities of goods (usually tickets) early with the sole intention of re-selling them at a higher price at a later date (closer to the event).

  • In complete neutral, unbiased definition: A person who gains income and profit from buying tickets/admissions to popular events (e.g sports games, music concerts), and sells them again to the public at higher prices than they bought them.

    In my defintion, and in the defintion of anyone who has ever had their potential ticket taken by a scalper, or has been forced to buy from a scalper: The absolute scum of the earth, worse than [neo-nazis], [telemarketers], and rapists combined. They lack the decency, intelligence and integrity to make an honest living, so they prey upon and exploit other peoples love of music, sport and general interests.

    Make sure you get your tickets before these [cocksuckers] do, and no matter how much it pains you to miss an event, NEVER buy from them - it is the only way to get rid of them - event organisers try to place measures to get rid of them, but they do very little. If nobody buys from a scalper, they make huge losses buying expensive tickets nobody used, and will be discouraged from doing it again. If you buy from a scalper, youre only supporting them and making the problem worse. Better yet, if you see one at a game/show/etc, punch them, spit on them, assault them, but watch out, ticket scalping organisations employ massive 300lb sellers for a reason.

  • Another word for recruiter; a form of subhuman primate who either stays unevolved and works for himself trying to find positions for companies too cheap to find their own employees, or becomes a bit more humanoid and goes to work for a corporation big enough to find their own employees. The most prominent characteristic of recruiters is their lack of truthfulness (how can you tell when a recruiter is lying; whenever the lips move).

  • (noun) (pronounced scale- PUR) (verb: to scalp)

    1. A random person selling tickets to an event (sporting games, concerts, etc.) on the side of the road. Usually this person is normal and just trying to sell an extra ticket.

    2. Inversely, a scalper is also the term used for a person who is trying to buy a ticket from someone on the side of the road. This person just showed up at the event, hoping that someone would be selling an extra ticket.

    *When scalping, price negotiation is acceptable.
    **Be aware that if you obtain/sell a ticket, the person who sold/bought the ticket from you will most likely be sitting next to you at the event (if the ticket has an assigned seat) because people typically buy tickets with the seats together. This will only happen if the person you bought/sold the ticket too will also be in attendance at the actual event.

  • Someone who lives on ebay and makes thier living selling hotwheels cars.

  • A broker who, dealing on his own account, tries to get a
    small and quick profit from slight fluctuations of the market.

  • An asshole who preordres/buys an item as soon as its available and resells it at a higher price point than the item originally sold for. Usually is fat, lazy, or has no actual job.


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