1. One who attempts to flex intellect that does not exist within his or her own mind.

    2. Can probably be found with a thesaurus in hand, while in a chat room, looking up new insults that are synonymous with stupid in order to boost his or her own undeserved ego.

    3. Typical cases of pseudo-intellectualism involve pre-pubescent 15 year olds that think they have everything figured out, including, but not limited to: life, religion, politics, education, and sex. Ironically, they have never quite experienced either of the aforementioned.

    4. Pretends he or she has an opinion.

    5. Posseses a severe tendency to blindly and wholeheartedly believe any bullshit they hear, only to subsequently regurgitate the misinformation to anyone they see in an asinine attempt to appear more intelligent than a used, broken condom.

    6. Should the victim of the verbal onslaught happen to have a differing opinion, the pseudo-intellectual will revert to his or her thesaurus and insult the opposition with words he or she never knew existed, and probably cannot even pronounce.

    7. Annoyingly and constantly refers to the word antidisestablishmentarianism, as if knowledge of said word defined his or her illegitimately high intelligence quotient.

    8. Typically a hypocrite; creates many, many contradictions. Most online grammar/spelling Nazis can relate.

    9. Always ends a bullshit argument with, I win, so stfu. Win what, dipshits? Your opinions werent fact in the first place.

  • the person above me^^^^

  • 4 signs of the pseudo-intellectual

    1. Quoting

    2. Going against common thought without evidence

    3. Bringing up intellectualism in non-requistite situations

    4. Un-neccersary use of verbs and adjectives with 4 syllables or more

  • A person who uses big words to impress people, insists on being politically-correct all the time, constantly bitches about the system, and thinks theyre gods among men because theyre atheist.

  • the act of going to a coffeeshop with an impressive book (Debord, Nietzche, or maybe an advance bio book) and flipping through the pages without comprehension in hopes of starting a conversation with another patron.

  • A Pseudo-Intellectual is somebody who thinks hes got it all figured out, but really doesnt know his ass from a hole in the ground.

  • Somebody that tries too hard to not be typical by saying they like whatever isnt the trend. Usually they listen to post-rock like Mogwai, Sigur Ros, and Interpol. (I like some of those bands too but I dont keep shoving my musical taste at a bunch of n*sync fans to try to feel a false sense of superiority) And they like anything described as indie; movies like Ghost World, Donnie Darko, Requiem for a Dream, and Whale Rider. If you said those movies were popular(which they pretty much are) they would get pissed. Basically, theyre people that miss the point about actually enjoying something cause theyre too caught up at trying to look cultured, therefore they are posers.

  • Most accurately defined in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker max:
    {A pseudo-intellectual typically has}horn-rimmed glasses, drinks Pinot Grigio by the glass at bars, buys poetry books but never reads them, avoids red meat, shops at the Kiehls counter, acts indignantly offended by Howard Stern,{and}likes to drop names like Foucault and Sartre in normal conversation.
    These individuals, typically between 17 and 35 in age, can generally be found in the local coffee shop or art gallery and become very prevalent near the coastlines. However, the most common breeding grounds for pseudo-intellectuals are college campuses, with special emphasis on the Ivies, the Ivy equivalents, and tiny-ass liberal arts colleges.
    Further characteristics of a pseudo intellectual include:
    -ordering appletinis by the glass and requesting that they be heavy on the apple and light on the tini.
    -Rolling their own cigarettes (if they smoke).
    -Railing on smokers for polluting the environment (if they dont smoke).
    -Driving a small-ass hybrid, eating dolphin safe tuna, and criticizing those who pollute despite the fact that their Clinique makeup (if they are girls)was tested on defenseless animals and poor kids in Nepal.
    -Acting eccentric to differentiate themselves from the masses as to seem unique, even though their kind are quite common.
    -Consistently criticizing America and its citizens for no good reason, followed by the claim that they will move to Paris after they graduate from college in order to escape American hypocrisy and naivete in pursuit of a higher culture. I didnt know high culture was defined as the act of running to America when in need then returning the favor by bitching out and waiving the white flag when America needed help (yeah, Im talking about France).
    -being nonconformists for the sake of nonconformity. The problem here is that by not conforming, they are actually conforming to the nonconformist movement and, thus, are still conformists. The majority will just respond by calling you domesticated and uncultured while the few honest ones will realize the error of their ways and immediately kill themselves to rectify the situation (but much to my dismay, this rarely happens).
    -Having extremely bizarre statuses and/or information in their facebook profiles.
    -being liberal solely for the sake of being liberal. Ask them what liberalism is and they will provide you with some nonsensical prattle about how you are not enlightened enough to understand their supposedly superior logic.
    -watching or claiming to watch and enjoy French movies that no one has ever heard of. They also read similar books and will willingly criticize you for reading good fiction books like Harry Potter or reading any form of nonfiction.
    -Liking Che Guevara yet knowing absolutely nothing about him or what he did. This trait is shared by wannabe Rastas as well.
    Bastions of pseudo-intellectualism:
    -Columbia University
    -Harvard University
    -Davidson College
    -Carleton College
    -Every high ranking liberal arts school
    -Any school with a strong art or environmental studies program.


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