• Acronym for Peer to Peer. Refers to computer systems that communicate to each other through a network without passing through a central server. Each computer on the network communicates with each other computer.

  • Can stand for:
    1.Program-to-Paper meaning printing.
    2.Pay-to-Play consisting of games which require you to pay everytime you want to play, similar to [PPV].
    3.Peer-to-Peer This is the most accurate acronym. It consists of netwroks which do not interact thru servers and go directly from client to client, and is also known as FileSharing.

  • n. System of filesharing popularized after the shutdown of Napster by greedy bigots who failed to realize that the Internet has finally leveled the playing field.

  • A force not to be fucked with.
    Users outnumber any MPAA, RIAA, anti Piracy goons.
    Fueled partly by the scene (no not the emo myspace camwhore shit...), P2P allows for one to download anything digital without annoying copy protection built in. Anything you can think of, someone, somewhere is sharing it. Sometimes one can get what they want before it even hits stores. P2P is an anti-Piracy companys worst nightmare...

  • An interesting acronym; Can either mean:

    1: Pay-to-play, games that charge monthly fees to play, or more often:

    2: Peer-to-peer, the exact opposite; people on a network (usually a program like [eMule] or [Kazaa] over the internet) sharing computer files that are usually illegally [cracked].

  • What the [RIAA] dont want you to use or know about.

  • Pervert to Prude.

    The instant change in mental state that occurs when one has just finished a wank while watching porn.

    You know those moments when youre watching some porn that you think is really hot, then after you finish it all of a sudden becomes completely gross? Thats called p2p.

  • penis to penis
    a very very VERY painful sex act between a man and another man
    one man injects his penis into the other mans penis and the other man usually calls an ambulance

  • Paper-2-Paper.
    A method of checking one document to another by means of a monotonous tedious task of checking against each other for discrepancies. Used by over-worked employees who have been doing so long they call it a P2P to make it sound more street. These workers are often underpaid, under appreciated, and overlooked while the company banks in excess of 20 million dollars in profit.
    This bears striking resemblance to the movie Office Space.

  • What the [RIAA] dont want you to use or know about.


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