• A small village; a little cluster of houses in the country.The country wasted, and the hamlets burned. Dryden.

  • The original emo kid.

  • Title and main character of a [kickass] Shakespeare play. Gets quoted a lot. Has an awesome death scene at the end (ruined it for you!). About three hours long when it's actually performed, though.

  • Main character in a venerated [Shakespeare] play of the same name. He comes from a family so dysfunctional that only the [Skywalker]s rival it in [Jerry Springer] potential.

  • Shakespeare's most [emo] character, he spends most of his time complaining about how terrible his life and then at the end of the play he dies...how sad.

  • smaller than a [village] - larger than a wide spot in the road, a hamlet usually has considerably less than 200 people and is usually tied to agriculture (although many housing [subdivisions] could loosely be described as hamlets, especially when incorpirated and containing a minimal number of people).
    A hamlet can either be dispersed (particularly in the [USA]), or [clustered] (see [urban]).
    It is often located at the crossing of two minor [thouroughfares] (at a [crossroads]). Most [intentional communities], if not a village and and not tied into the fabric of a larger entity, could be described as hamlets.

    1. verb. To deliberate incessantly about a course of action that will lead to the same conclusion in any case.

    2. verb. To be or not to be.

    3. noun. A small cottage.

  • Omelet with ham

  • A baby hamster under the age of about 3 months. Originates from the word Piglet : a baby pig.


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