Death grip

  • A non-medical condition, where a male who excessively masturbates develops callouses on his penis. The penis callouses begin to numb the penis head and causes the penis to become less sensitive to touch via genitals, mouth or hand.

    The only known cure of this condition is to stop masturbating as often, to let the callouses face away on the penis.

  • If while holding an iPhone 4, you cover up the black strip on the edge causing your signal strength to suddenly plummet.

  • refers to an extremely tight or strong hold one has on a particular object

  • When a woman is on top and the guy is about to cum and the woman locks her legs around the guy so he has to shoot his load in her.

  • When a male masturbates too often/with too hard of a grip, so that they are almost insensitive to anything other than masturbation. This includes even vaginal sex.

  • a death grip is when you put two fingers in the [pussy] and one in the [anus] and squeeze until your fingers touch. It would hurt a lot for the [woman] and extremely funny.


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