• Of or pertaining to the orient or east; eastern; concerned withthe East or Orientalism; -- opposed to occidental; as, Orientalcountries.The sun's ascendant and oriental radiations. Sir T. Browne.

  • Politically incorrect term used in place of Asian. Correct usage should be an adjective for things like inanimate objects, not humans.

  • A word which originally was associated with Asia (including Arabic-speaking regions, Central, South, and East Asia). The term is used for East Asians in British English (where 'Asian' means someone from South Asia; i.e. Pakistan or India). The term is controversial in North America as it is still used in parts of Canada to denote East Asian without racist connotation or denotation; however, in the US it is considered by politically correct people (=people who read Edward Said) to connote the imperialist/colonialist period of European attitudes towards (East) Asians. Usage is, therefore, relative to a) Where you are and b) Who you're talking to. So everybody just relax.

  • Can describe EITHER people or things as being from Asia. Many Americans will heatedly argue that only objects are oriental, and to call a person an oriental is now considered racist. They tell you to call them Asian or, if applicable, Asian American. But what most Americans don't know is that in the UK a person from East Asia is considered oriental, and South Asians are the ones designated as Asian. It's a relative term.

  • a word that simply means eastern. It refers to anything or anyone from the East. Oriental was first applied mainly to Mesopotamia, Persia and maybe India because those lands were east of the [Roman Empire]. Later on ancient [China] was found to be more than a myth and so the previous Orient became known as the Near or Middle East and East [Asia] was now tagged as the Orient or the [Far

  • Adjective meaning east

    Comes from the Latin, Oriens = east.

    Anything east of Europe is Oriental in the Euro-centric mind. That's why Oriental Rugs come from the Persia, not China.

    Oriental is associated with European colonialism in China. Especially a British image of China as once great race, but declined and vulnerable to colonization and subjugation. Negro, Coon, and Mic share similar connotations.

  • USA/Canada/Australia: Normally offensive way of referring to people of East Asian descent. The term [Asian] is normally used to refer exclusively to them.
    UK (and most places elsewhere): Normal, politically correct way of referring to people of East Asian descent. In Britain, the term [Asian] usually refers to people of South Asian descent (i.e. Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc.)

  • Something or someone hailing from the Orient. Absolutely NOT an offensive term, only considered so by the uptight, ultrasensitive PC crowd in America. In Europe, the term is widely used without any connotations of insult. Using Asian for a people within the continent of Asia is selfish and self-serving to undermine other non-Oriental people.

  • A quaint sailing village with a drinking problem, located in eastern North Carolina in Pamlico County on the Neuse River. Also known as O-Town, Oriental harbors more boats than people. Oriental is home to the O-Town Hustlas, and hosts such annual events as the Croaker Festival and the Tarpon Tournement. The prefered passtime in O-Town is getting fucked up.

  • My favourite Maggi noodles flavour is Oriental.

  • another politically incorrect word that is used by ignorant people to clump all asians in one group, much like how the word [hispanic] is used to clump all spanish/portuguese speakers in one group. to many it is a derogatory word, seeing that 1) there is no actual country, commonwealth, territory or state known as the orient and 2) that asians come from different ethnic backgrounds, religions, and speak different languages. ironically, many asians think that the term oriental is parrallel to word nigger and some see the word as old fashion. the terms westerner and [middle

    1. Anything Asian-related


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