Marlboro reds

  • The best cigarettes money can buy

  • Truly the best ciggarette out there. Amazing flavor. Theres nothing like sitting back, relaxing, and having yourself a marb red. The smoke surrounds you and you get this head rush, its like a drug and you spend a few minutes in heaven. Good quality, but considered harsh. Only for the real smokers. If you cant handle the marb reds, gtfo.

  • Marlboro reds are a popular short filtered cigarette with a smooth taste. Relaxes you and when angry helps calm you down.

  • Simply the best cigarettes put on Earth. For the people who say theyre too strong, its not true, its just because youre TOO WEAK and probably arent even a real smoker.

  • Best cigarette on the market. Gives you an amazing nicotine rush. Word of warning not for beginners or pussy bitches. If youre a beginner smoker smoke lights then work up to reds.

    1. A brand of cigarette originating in the U.S., marketed heavily through identification with idealized, ruggedly-individualistic cowboys inhabiting the wide-open spaces of the American West. 2. The only brand of cigarette I was able to buy in European tabacs during a summer as a college exchange student.


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