• Leafyishere is a Reptilian You Tuber who surfs in CS:GO. He has started a large cult (See [The Reptilian Brotherhood]). Leafy tries to hide the fact that he is a reptile but we obviously can see through his cheap human disguise. He uses a human translator in attempt to fool you but he forgets from time to time and you can see through the disguise his reptilian skin. one of Leafys street names is LeafyisDrugs. Leafy has denied multiple penis cam petitions but has shown us his human outfit. He has successfully taken over youtube with help from his loyal reptilians and now is king.
    Also, leafyishere is also named after a complex but pleasurable sex move.
    First, you sit your partner in the doggy style and then draw an Illuminati triangle around the anus and shove a reptilian approved sex toy down the anus until it turns red, then you flip them over tell them a life story (usually something about drugs), flip them back over, beat them with the reptilian approved sex toy, thrust yourself in, and before you climax, aim it towards your mouth to hold it in your mouth. Flip your partner again, go towards their face and Hiss at them, the semen represents a reptilians saliva. Then after that you tell them to Leaf a like

  • A.K.A Leafy, LeafyIsBeafy, LeafyIsQueefy, Reptilian Leader.

    LeafyIsHere - Leader of the Reptilian Brother Hood. He makes YouTube videos about drug experiences, like Luna or xCodeh. He mostly plays videos games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, on a game mode called surf, but he isnt very good.......( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). He is mostly known for his fans commenting hissssss on other YouTubers videos. He also forgets to say Leaf a Like at the end of his videos.

  • The leader of the reptillian brotherhood

  • The epitome of the act of [cyber-bullying]. A twenty-year old chap who finds enjoyment in ranting, degrading, and underrating peoples talents, especially [Stomedy], [Whitney Wisconsin] aka [The Dog Fucker], and [Rolf] [Sartorius].

  • A person with no understanding of satire that takes everything in its literal form.

  • A very edgy leaf that people like Jacob Sartorious regularly cut themselves on.

  • a cyberbully

  • [Pure fucking cancer]

  • The youtuber that is losing subs the most.


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