Wall of death

  • An event that happens at heavy metal gigs. Basicall before a particully heavy song (or even during a song before a heavy part) the croud will be split up:
    1)either into a big circle with nobody in the centre

    or into two colums with an approximately 10 metre gap in the middle

    then when the heavy part starts(usually promted by a count down) the cround run at each other.
    The most popular wall of death songs are black label and Laid to rest by lamb of god

  • Form of [mosh]ing most well known through Lamb of Gods Black Label. At a concert the lead vocalist of a metal band instructs the crowd that they are doing the wall of death. The crowd then divides in half...each half made up of aggresive fans ready to tear eachother apart. When the considerably heavier or heaviest part of the song kicks in, the two halves of the crowd rush one another. As you might imagine, two walls of aggressive people colliding results in serious injury and sometimes death. For this reason, many bands have been sued for calling the wall of death, so modern walls of death are formed not due to instruction, but through serious fans who know what to do when the song in question is played. This is a mosh meant to be done a metal shows...not a hardcore dance. A wall of death at an emo/hXc show is not a true wall of death.

  • Contrary to what the other definitions state, the term Wall of death originated in the [hardcore] [punk] community of the early 80s. It was a natural outgrowth of the mosh pit, when people wanted to break into the pit they would form a line and literally rush the pit, becoming part of it.

    It became extremely popular, as did [slam dancing] and other forms of punk dancing, in the mainstream a few years after it started. This is true for most things punk and true metal did.

    One of the clearest examples of this was performed by a [crust punk] band with a cult following for the late 90s and early 2000s called R.A.M.B.O. where they would encourage the crowd to dress up as either protestors or cops and stage a mock riot. The two sides would form up and then wall o death! each other.

    So, sorry children, Lamb of God did not originate this.

  • a form of moshin in which the crowd splits in half and runs at each other normally done to the song black label by lamb of god

  • A massive crowd splits in two at opposite sides of a field. This is usually done at a heavy metal concert. When the music kicks in and the lead singer says so, the two groups run into one another and mosh hardcore.

  • Some time During the late 90s and early 2000s the famous metal band Lamb of Gods fans would traditionally form 2 walls facing each other, lower thier heads and charge straight into each other, carnage ensuing...they only did this during a certain song...which i cant recall at this moment the name of it at this moment.Long story short 8 people died, and the wall of death was forever banned in the USA

  • an insanely awesome forom of [moshing] that leaves you with more than just bruises. cuts, scrapes, gaping holes, bloody noses. usually performed during a heavy/metal song, the entire crowd splits into two huge groups, on either side of the floor, then, typically started with a countdown, the two groups run at each other as fast as they can and start beating the shit out of each other at all costs ([moshing]). more recently than slayer and lamb of god, performed during shows by [hardcore]/emo bands such as blessthefall and escape the fate.

  • When the mosh pit splits in half and runs at each other at a certain point in the music. A good song to use is Duality by Slipknot.

    Usually followed by much [moshing]

    Joining a wall of death is very scary, but one tip, is to take a deep breath before running, and look at the wall of people in front of you and decide on who youre going to run at.

    Its a huge adrenaline rush.

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