• Somebody that you love, and especially in the [romantic]/sexual sense. A [sweetheart].

    Warning: For every day of joy, there is one of woe, if you get my drift. The more you love someone, the more he makes you cry, or makes you crazy.

    Still, those parts can be worked past. Lovers provide emotional support, shelter in a storm.

  • Someone you really care about and would most likely give your life to make them happy.

  • a person you are currently having sex with

  • One who loves another, especially one who feels sexual love

  • Lover:

    1. showing unconditional love for all things, even in the face of hate, for the recognition that all, even hate, is born of love; hence we are all love, and a lover embraces all love.

    2. A being that lives to connect with the love inherent to all life.

    3. A being that lives to love, not hate, and even embraces hate as love.

    4. A person who unconditionally finds and connects with the love inherent to everything, no matter what.

  • Someone who you dont them mind jumping on you and/or who doesnt mind you jumping on them

  • The one given your personal allowance to kindly stomp over your spleen and kiss it better.


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