• An enjoyable music genre from South Korea that some people seem to love to ruin for others.

    People claim it is the best music ever and much better than American music, when they know damn well kpop was heavily influenced by American music. But delusional fans constantly go around being hypocritical by saying its okay when kpop stars rip of other artists, but go batshit when other people steal from kpop artists.

    Crazy fangirls tend to claim guys as theirs and become suicidal when they learn their Oppa has a girlfriend he loves and does not give a shit about said fangirl. Said fangirls tend to generalize the Korean race and say Korean guys as a whole are the sexiest asian guys when they should know that is a creepy generalization. They also think all other celebrities from other countries are ugly compared to Korean stars.

    About 65% of fans do not give two shits about South Korea, and if it was destroyed tomorrow, they would ask if (insert Korean celebrity here) is okay instead of thinking about the millions of respectable and innocent South Koreans who are not famous.

    People who enjoy the genre have their nice kpop experience ruined by stupid people who do these things mentioned above. JUST LIKE HOW IT IS BEING RUINED FOR ME!


  • short for Korean pop music

  • Korean popular music. Music videos are more modest in kpop, and the Korean rappers talk about more than cars, money, and women.

  • A genre of music.
    NOT only gangnam style
    Theres waay more and better songs than that
    Has more than 4000 mill kpop fans around
    Not ching chong words (thats racist )
    music is not just the language.
    Kpopers unite ^^
    Twitter : xxmahumsohailxx

  • another way to say Alright, Father


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