• To post a misleading link with a subject that promises to be exciting or interesting, e.g. World of Starcraft in-game footage! or Paris Hilton blows Busta Rhymes dick but actually turns out to be the video for Rick Astleys debut single, Never Gonna Give You Up. A variant on the [duckroll]. Allegedly hilarious.

  • When youre looking for something interesting on youtube, and someone sends you a link, its usually the video to Rick Astleys Never Gonna Give You Up

  • To disguise a link to a video of Rick Astley singing Never Gonna Give You Up. Popularized from excessive use on 4chan and certain Internet gaming forums.

  • Tricking someone on the internet into watching Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up via links through the internet. Usually masked as a youtube link, noting something completely unrelated to the video.

  • Never gonna give you up,
    never gonna let you down,
    never gonna run around and
    desert you...
    Never gonna make you cry,
    never gonna sa-ay goodbye,
    never gonna tell a lie
    and hurt you.


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