• a random person or thing

  • That which is random. Generally used in reference to people.

  • an unpredictable, awkward and often creepy individual. a rando is always there in the background, even though no one invited him. Randos tend to be isolated within large groups; they sit in corners and lurk in the shadows of others. Even though everyone is aware of the presence of a rando, no one knows anything about him or her and therefore randos are often unwittingly ignored.

  • a shorter word for random. Used mainly to describe something excessively random like situations on family guy or situations in life that are outta left field

  • Is the nickname of Randy. Usually means he is to cool to be called by his real name.

  • A way of describing someone of sound character and mind with strong leadership and calming, cool and collective demeanor. Persons of high intellectual mindset and logical thinkers bear this description.

  • Totally unexpected. To be surprising.

  • Usually used to describe members of the female sex who are hammered and/or of questionable cleanliness and morality....we do not know their names, we do not want to know their names. For some, they are to be avoided. For others, they are sought after while in an inebriated state. For still others, they are sought after, then upon waking in the morning, immediately regretted.


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