• One of the strongest people you will ever meet. She is truthful and will call you out if you are lying. She is sweet, shy, and caring. She has the biggest heart and loves so many people. She can have a horrible life and still laugh. She is a very beautiful person inside and out.

    1. A color that lies between blue and green on Microsoft Paint. Its one of the blinding ones.

    2. It is a company created by Rand and Robyn Miller, the creators of Myst, a popular computer game series.

  • A Medieval Knight during the end of the hundred year war during the 14th century who chose duty and honor over protecting and caring for his loved ones. He went to war while his family was slain in his absence, after returning and finding them murdered he vowed to bow before no mortal being ever again and was exiled for defiance in front of the king.

  • 14th centrury knight

  • A greenish-blue colour that is absolutely gorgeous.

  • A stupid bitch that is hot but makes stupid choices in guys.

  • Its a damn color that is between blue and green you idiot. You actually have the time to search this up, wowwww.


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