• Someone who went to private school (or wish they had), likes rugby (not football), probably a member of a rowing, sailing or yachting club, refer to their parents as Mummy and Daddy. Boys: often seen to be wearing a lemon (or any pastel shade) sweatshirt slung casually over their shoulders and deck shoes.
    Girls:Dress similar to that of boys along with pearls, numerous shopping bags and Daddys credit card.
    Names often include: Rupert, Will, Guy, Jeremy, Emily, Alexandra, Henrietta, Harriet. Followed by a double/triple barrelled surname, e.g. Harrington-Smythe.

  • slang word for when somethings bad/unbelievebale/exciteable...depending on the sentence you use it in. Pronounce it raaaaahhhh

  • Noun. Refers to a social type among young people, often at while at [university] or [school]. Depending on the environment this term can have varying degrees of intensity.

    Generally, it is used when refering to someone who posseses or aspires (painfully) to the stereotypical characteristics of what is seen as a higher social class (in the traditional, fixed sense).

    For example, in a wealthy [public school] a rah may have to envoke an image of old [aristocracy] and do so in a pompous and superior manner - usually demonstrated in an expensive, flamboyant lifestyle and often loudly declared opinion.

    Whereas in an enivronment where there is fewer generally exuberant lifestyles an individual could be termed a rah simply for being obviously more asperational or often just wealthy in itself.

    Has many connotations of succeeding only as a result of old boy networks and from being fully supported by parents.

  • A posh twat.

  • A rah is stereotypically a privately educated, or what appears to be a privately educated female living in the UK. They are normally seen sporting Jack Wills, Abercrombie

  • Shortened form of [oorah]

    Often used by Marines.

    Can be used in some cases as a greeting to officers in place of the time of day.

  • slag term used by people that want to come across as hard normally used by private school kids. it really doesnt make sense at all but as long as it is used in a sentence that makes sense then its fine.

    can be expressed as a form of anger such as imitating a wild cat

  • Used inside inner cities in Britain, its literal translation is really there is controversy as to how it is spelled, usually rah or ra.

  • Rich ass hole


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