• Result of being hit with an ugly stick.

  • A word used by arrogant assholes to make them seem like they are the most beatiful person ever and the person that they are calling ugly as a lower lifeform.

  • 1.A word that 5 year old boys call pretty girls because they are immature and dont know how to express their feelings for a girl so they tease them instead.

    1. A word that sometimes people genuinely use when someone is really, truly, genuinely ugly. Pretty rare, though.

    2. Used by popular guys in school, usually in refrence to an unpopular or weird girl, even if she isnt ugly in the least bit.

  • A very harsh word to use, but usually only an opinion anyway. I think someone that calls another person ugly is ugly themselves!

  • Another word for unnatractive or unapealling... What girls call me.

  • a person who is visually challenging to other people

  • a negative word often abused to make fun of somebody for not being attrative.When in reality nobody is ugly it all depends on who is attracted to what kind of person. Usually after a long time frame of being called ugly the victim loses confidence.It is a word to eagerly used out of anger and should not be said to or about anybody.Sometimes the word ugly is also used for no reason.

  • Something that pathetic, ugly little boys like to call non-ugly girls who say no to their sexual advances.

  • A drink:
    2 shots of Ouzo
    1 shot of Amaretto
    1 shot of Scotch
    Combine in glass...
    History of the ugly: A bunch of us were at a bar for a co-workers birthday. We bought the birthday boy a number of shots, so many in fact, that he couldnt drink them fast enough. We convinced him to pour the four remaining shots (The ones listed above) into a beer glass, and then chug it. He did, and now as a birthday tradition, a guy MUST drink the ugly on his birthday.

  • To be of a generally loathsome outer appearance, in which people are repulsed by how the miracle of life and genetics have managed to produce such a repugnant, godawful mistake.

    When ailed with this unfortunate condition, one may be accused of having no alibi.

    Possibly caused by being hit by an ugly stick. Particularly gruesome cases are the result of falling down an ugly tree, and hitting every branch along the way down.

  • Offensive to the sight; contrary to beauty; being of
    disagreeable or loathsome aspect; unsightly; repulsive; deformed.


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