Chat roulette

  • Another weird novelty of the internet, consisting of randomly chosen webcam(if permitting) chat sessions at This is often extremely deviant, and often consists of bored males, with the odd one flopping their cock out or worse.

  • One of Earths most ridiculous websites that randomize a video chat session with another random person in the world with a [webcam]. No downloads required. Anything goes.

    Things to expect while on []
    -4 out of 5 are male
    -about 1 in 6 odds that male is [jerking off] or showing [full frontal]
    -about 1 in 4 odds the male is looking for a set of nice [titties]
    -a video on repeat ([porn], something misleading, often ridiculous)
    -that token 50 year old
    -college dudes
    -less college chicks
    -dudes looking to chat someone up
    -girls looking for attention and compliments (see: [tease])
    -[pre-pubescent] [middle school girls]
    -people from other continents (duh)
    -a short conversation
    -a long conversation
    -racists, insecure people who act racist because they are behind a computer screen. (See: [chatroom thug],[tool],[poser])
    -people with ridiculous costumes
    -people you wonder why the fuck the are on chat roulette
    -non-sexual entertainment (rare)
    -a good laugh ([LMAO], [die laughing])
    -and on rare occasion a girl who puts on a show

    Similar websites: tokbox, omegle, etc

    You never know what to expect from this site.

  • A site that shifts from Tinychat to Xtube. Many perverts reveal their hairy penises on the site.

  • Best way to chat with random people online in free private chat rooms. My favourite random online chatting site is