• A long, narrow sword; a rapier. [Obs.] Shak.He wore large hose, and a tuck, as it was then called, or rapier, oftremendous length. Sir W. Scot.

  • when a male does a tuck, he tucks his penis and testes back through his legs which encompasses the look of a females genitals

  • A discreet action performed in public in which a guy has to tuck his penis into the wasteline of his pants to hide his boner, so the people hes with and the general public cannot see that he has a raging hard on

  • To place a weapon in a concealed place. (ie a Gun)

  • When a jacked guy is wearing a tight shirt, then subtly stretches out his arm. He makes it look nonchalant but the main objective is to raise the sleeves and show more bicep, without looking like a d-bag. This can also be performed with both arms at the same time, which is appropriately called a double

  • ~Viatrophy English, from Mother's talk: '[Tuck in]'
    noun. tuck
    1.an appointment
    2.an event
    3.a departure; tuck out
    verb., -tucked, -tucking, -tucks.

    To receive pleasure or satisfaction from.
    To have the use or benefit of; tucking fair waste.

  • a plastic surgery or surgical enhancement

  • Tuck into (verb)

    In addition to the anatomical meaning involving male genitals, tuck is also an expression used by the Brits meaning to

  • a tumbling skill.
    its a back flip with your knee's tucked into your chest.

  • A tuck is a procedure that is performed when one's scrotum is far too large for the testicles they contain. The excess bag is folded or tucked upwards and then sutured or stapled in place. In addition to being the name of a medical procedure the word can also be used an an insult. This insult can be used when you detect the sand in someones clam or they are such a douche you can assume that its because they are tripping on their sack.