• [Shifty], sly, [supicious], dark, low, low-profile. [] [] []

  • illegitimate. underhanded. dishonorable. corrupt. sneaky.

  • A shady person is someone who does not keep it real; a person who hides out; a person who keeps things to themselves.

  • sketchy; suspicious; not trustworthy

  • Im never there when Im supposed to be but Im always on time. You can say Im a [creeper]. I dont like to be in the same place for too long. I like to keep my hood up. I have an excuse for everything. You find it hard to trust me. I have multiple personalities. I text people on my phone that arent friends of yours. I have few friends but many acquaintances. Im easy going. Im pretty sneaky. I take lots of short cuts when traveling. Ill come and go like wind. I like to listen, and give you a blank stare while you talk. Youll never know what Im thinking. I dont take very much seriously. Ill say anything to get your trust. I probably wont abuse it but if i have to i wont hesitate. Ill gossip with you and about you when your not around. Sure Im a backstabber... I dont snitch, but i have dirt on everyone. Im perfectly fine with myself. Im independent. I hate being called out. Some say Im shy but Im just shady...

  • a fake ass person, one that doesnt come through with what he say he gonna do

  • suspicious; can also be an activity bordering on criminal

  • Generally meaning someone who is mysterious or difficult to understand; someone who tends to stay in the background.

    Can also be used more offensively to describe someone who is or seems to be untrustworthy, sneaky and unrespectable.

  • Something that is suspicious, questionable, unsafe, low quality;In regards to people its someone who doesnt keep it real, or acts mysteriously.

  • A name of a person who is trustworthy and will do anything for the one he love the most no matter the distance between them . He is also little bit dramatic but that doesnt keep him from being the best friend you will ever had.

  • [Shifty], sly, [supicious], dark, low, low-profile. [] [] []

  • Abounding in shade or shades; overspread with shade;
    causing shade.

  • to be very sneaky, suspect, or to have an all around backstabbing personality


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