• 1- The incorrect term used to label a white man or woman. The word Caucasian refers to a person who is from the region of Caucasus, which is in Europe bordering Turkey and Iran. Therefore, I am not a Cauasian being that I am not from Caucasus. I am, in general, European. Also I am not white being that I do not blend in with white paint, or white paper. I prefer to think that I have some amount pigmentation in my skin, thank you very much.

  • A ridiculous way of saying white person. Used mostly by Americans.

  • As per wikipedia:

    The term Caucasian race or Caucasian is used to refer to people whose ancestry can be traced back to Europe, North Africa, West Asia, South Asia and parts of Central Asia. It was once considered a useful taxonomical categorization of human racial groups based on a presumed common geographic and/or linguistic origin.

    In the United States, it is currently used primarily as a distinction loosely based on skin color alone for a group commonly referred to as Whites, as defined by the American government and Census Bureau. In Britain, Caucasian follows the North American definition, but in continental Europe, Caucasian currently refers exclusively to people who are from the Caucasus. However, it is rare and becoming increasingly politically incorrect in Britain to categorise people as Caucasian because of the vagueness of its definition.[citation needed] Many South Asians in Britain could be categorised as Caucasian as well. For this reason White-European is preferred for categorising white people as it is more specific.[citation needed]

    The term itself derives from measurements in craniology from the 19th century, and its name stems from the region of the Caucasus mountains, itself imagined to be the location from which Noahs son Japheth, traditional Biblical ancestor of the Europeans, established his tribe prior to its migration into Europe.

    Caucasoid is a term used in physical anthropology to refer to people falling within a certain range of anthropometric measurements.

    In New Zealand the term Caucasian is used most frequently in police offender descriptions. Pâkehâ, European New Zealander, or simply New Zealander (although in theory this should include all New Zealanders) is more common in general language.

    *Jewish people are also caucasian, so the #9 definition is incorrect beginning in the first sentence alone.

  • This is so wrong to call white ppl caucasians. Real caucasians are Georgians, Armenians and Azerbajans who are mostly dark skinned, with black eyes and hair...

    1. of or relating to the Caucasus, a region in the east of Europe imbetween the Black Sea and the Aral Sea, especially referring to the peoples, languages, and cultures native to that region.

    2. A term used briefly in the early years of the 20th century by anthropologists to refer to the race of human beings that inhabits Europe, Iran, parts of Central Asia, and the north of the Indian Sub-Continent. This use of the word derives from the theory that all of these populations ultimately originate in the Caucasus region. The word has passed out of common use in academic circles, but is still used in North American English to refer to ethnic Europeans - ironically because of this the largest groups considered to be Caucasians, the inhabitants of South Asia and Iran, would not be considered as such under this definition.

  • Caucasian actually refers to a person from the Caucasus Mountains. This is a very ethnically diverse regions, which includes Turkic groups, Armenians and Kurds, as well as endogenous Caucasians like Circassians

    1. Most commonly, when you hear the term Caucasian it is meant as a racial term synonymous with European or white.

    2. In its original meaning, the term Caucasian refers to the Caucasus region (which contains the independent states of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, as well as part of the Russian Federation). The Caucasus is considered a transitional zone between Europe and Asia.

  • A white male with the mathematical intelligence of an [Asian], but unlike Asian males, has a visible [penis]. Hence the term Cauc/Cock and Asian.

  • Dumbest ppl to ever exist

  • Of or pertaining to the Caucasus, a mountainous region
    between the Black and Caspian seas.

  • a piece of white trash from Europe that wants to be called something more so goes by Caucasian most of the time they just end up being regular Irish bastards


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