Road head

  • In Laymans Terms, ROADHEAD is when a guy gets a head, BJ, blow job, etc. while driving.

  • To recieve a blowjob while operating a motorized vehicle.

  • The absolute greatest thing a sexually active male with a drivers licence and a car can wish for. Truly a slice of fried gold. Simply the most amazing feeling in the world. Although very dangerous to someone who needsto be consintrating while driving. However one needs not worry if they are spoted by an officer of the law while recieving road head, for in my experience they tend to applaude.

  • its road head...when your driving your car on the road and your chick goes down on you.. cruse controll is recommened for this because of the lack of concentration

  • the act of getting domed while DRIVING

    CAUTION: !not for beginners!